Police Arrest Naked Jesus For Trying to Cure Covid-19


A man being taken into custody in an indecent exposure investigation reportedly told police that he was Jesus Christ and knew the cure for coronavirus.

The incident began as a call for service in Little River Tuesday. Officers responded to call regarding indecent exposure.

Officers arrived to find a man completely in the nude in a neighbor’s yard, the incident report says.


Surprisingly, this isn’t even the most messed up shit the police have done this week. However, arresting Jesus who came back to save us from 2020 with the cure should not be over looked. These police are out of control. All the Savior was trying to do was fix His lawnmower, inhale some starter fluid and eat some leaves off the burning bush while naked so He can save us all from the evils in the world today. This is ridiculous. We wait over 2000 years for Him to return and when He does, He gets treated like a common criminal. Did they even try to call the Pope to verify His story? Or was he too busy protecting diddlers to bother with bailing out Jesus for a measly indecent exposure charge? You would think Jesus would at least get some sort of diplomatic immunity or something.  Shit like this is why the world is ending next week and I am completely fine with it.

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