People Mad At Teacher For Teaching Kids The Truth

So according to,  some people are upset that a substitute teacher told first graders that Santa isn’t real. I honestly don’t see the problem here. Back in my day, substitute teachers didn’t teach us shit. They couldn’t even take attendance without fucking it up. Now here we have is a caring substitute who wants to actually teach these kids and people are upset about it? It’s a school, not fucking Sesame Street or Fairy Tale Land. With all the bullshit public schools teach our kids, I wouldn’t be surprised that they were only mad at this teacher for teaching the kids something that was true. “Oh no! They said that the magical fat man who owns slaves to make toys and flies around around the world with no passport or permission from the FAA isn’t real. We need to stop this!”   They should be thanking this teacher for doing the parents and kids a huge favor. Life is tough, Santa isn’t real, Skittles are all the same flavor,  no one knows how to use a goddamn can opener.  The truth hurts. Suck it up and move on. It’s not like he(or she) said anything bad about the Easter Bunny, then I might have to throw some hands.

2 thoughts on “People Mad At Teacher For Teaching Kids The Truth

  1. Is nothing sacred? The sub had no business interfering with other people’s lives which is what happened when they chose to destroy the harmless fun people have with the myth of Santa Claus. By the way in a way he does exist, as a myth. Possibly you are still annoyed with your parents for what? Scamming you as a little kid? Get a life! Oh, Merry Christmas!

    1. First of all, the sub has every right to interfere with the students’ lives. It literally is their job to teach the children.It is not the school’s job to keep track of the lies that parents tell their children. Remember the whole thing about separation of church and state?

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