Douche Bag Cemetery Worker Claims It’s God’s Responsibility To Fix Flooded Graves

According to, after heavy rains in Charleston caused many caskets and graves to be exposed at Monrovia Cemetery, a worker allegedly statedĀ  that it’s God’s responsibility to fix it, not theirs. I know working in customer service can be stressful and I usually would side with any worker that had this amount of savagery in their response to a customer, but I think when it comes to dead loved ones floating around the fucking city, they could show a little bit more compassion. To tell them God needs to fix it and not to worry because their family members are dead and don’t have a voice, might be a little too far. If I went to go visit a deceased family member and their casket was floating around the cemetery, I would be more than upset. The people interviewed in this story are saints. They need to gather up their loved ones and lay them to rest in a cemetery that actually cares about their residents, their families, and the health of the city. We bury the dead for a reason. If I end up getting the plague because these lazy assholes didn’t feel like cleaning up the mess that God made, the first place I go isĀ Monrovia Cemetery’s office to sneeze on every one of their workers.

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