Chris Hansen Arrested For Bouncing Checks While Buying Mugs

According to TMZ, Chris Hansen was arrested for bouncing checks after purchasing $13000 worth of mugs, shirts and decals.

This is some crazy shit right here. He spent $13000 on some goddamn mugs? Who the fuck does this guy think he is? My mom? I am very disappointed in Chris, not about the checks, but because he spent $13000 and didn’t get one chair. I wish instead of turning himself in, the cops came to his house with a camera crew and tackled him as he ran out the back door. That would have been awesome to see. In all seriousness though, Chris Hansen has done great things for our country and I hope he is able to get through this rough patch. Going to jail over some knickknacks is not a good look. Shame on these store owners for calling the police on him. He is one of America’s most beloved snitches and you’re going to snitch on him? That’s fucked up. I hope Chris gets a good lawyer and the store owner’s chat history is on the up and up. Chris won’t take this sitting down.

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