Ungrateful Parents Upset At Santa For Trying To Save Their Lives

According to WCVB.com, “parents were horrified” when Santa attempted to help them evacuate an event when a fire alarm went off. This war on Christmas is getting out of hand. This man was nice enough to dress as Santa, deal with snot nosed brats sitting on his lap and whining about wanting stuff they probably don’t deserve, and what did he get in return? He gets attacked on Facebook by parents complaining about him removing his beard and using strong language in an attempt to get them all to safety. For anyone who thinks “Get the fuck out!” is too harsh for their precious children to hear, they aren’t too bright. I don’t care if you’re 6 or 60, when Santa says “get the fuck out” you get the fuck out. He did what he felt was necessary to protect them in a potentially fatal situation and instead of thanking him, they trash him on Facebook. Fuck these parents. I hope the real Santa shits in their stockings for Christmas. Next time he should all let them all burn as they trample each other.

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