Substitute Accused Of Smear Campaign Against Principal

According to,  a Florida substitute teacher is being charged with smearing urine and poop on tables and grills in order to ruin a child’s birthday party. The teacher was upset on how the principal was handling a professional issue and wanted to ruin her daughter’s birthday.

It’s a tale as old as time. Substitute teacher gets mad about a professional issue and reacts in the least professional manner possible. I have some questions about this one. How mad does someone have to get to collect (hopefully her own) piss and shit use it for a biological attack on a child’s birthday party? Is the waste hers? Did she just have it stored up, wishing a mofo would so she would have the opportunity to use it? Or was she filling the jars in the car on the way to the park? What exactly was this “professional issue”? My guess is that it had something to do with personal hygiene or possibly a mental health issue. What ever the issue was, this woman needs to be charged with terrorism. You don’t just go around using fecal weapons on children. Throw this broad in Guantanamo Bay and throw away the key.


On an unrelated note, was this the same broad that threw the fit at Gamestop a few weeks ago?

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