Possible Giraffe Man Sentenced For Horse Rape

According to WPDE.com, an Oregon man has been sentenced to 20 months in prison for sexually assaulting a horse and unlawful use of a motor vehicle.

I think maybe this guy needs to appeal and get a new attorney. Looking at his mugshot, I have a strong suspicion that he could be part giraffe. The police already took his DNA, so the defense should have made them test it to prove he is part giraffe. You can’t send a giraffe to prison for banging a horse, but  you can put him in a zoo with other giraffes that he can bang all he wants. As for him getting caught with the stolen car, once again, the giraffe defense. If a giraffe stole my car I would be impressed. I wouldn’t be pressing any charges. They need to free this giraffe and drop all the charges. He’s probably still upset about Toys R Us going out of business.


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