PETA Wants Everyone To Stop Using Anti-Animal Language

The lovable and completely sane people at PETA are at it again. They posted on Facebook  telling us we need to change phrases that people have been using since before fire was invented because the animals might have hurt feelings or some bullshit, I don’t really know. Below you can see their chart and take a look at the new phrases you need to learn.

I actually think they are right on this one so I came up with some new ones of my own that are much better than their suggestions:

  1. Hold your horse cock.
  2. Kill two broads with one stoner.
  3. Beating off a dead horse.
  4. Take the bull by the balls.
  5. Be the slam pig.
  6. Bring home the butt sweat.
  7. A leopard can now change its spots because it is 2018.

Feel free to share yours in the comment section.

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