Ohio Dog Fucker Arrested For Bank Robbery

According to NyDailyNews.com, an Ohio woman, with a “history of dog sex” was arrested after after allegedly robbing a bank 500 yards from the house she was staying in.

Is Ohio slowly becoming the new Florida? What the fuck is going on over there? They must have some good drugs to have bitches banging dogs and robbing the bank next door. According to the article, she left a trail of footprints to her porch after allegedly robbing the bank. The best part of this is the paw print tattoo on her shoulder. Is that how they caught her in the dog fucking incident? Did they follow the paw prints and find a dog dick in her mouth or something? Or did she get that tattoo in jail in memory of her dog that she was missing when she was locked up? All I know is that if I was this chick, I would definitely be laying low if I did some time for dog fucking. I would wait for that whole incident to die down before bringing attention to myself. But not Amber, she fucks dogs, gets paw print tattoos and allegedly robs banks leaving footprints leading to her front door like some fuckin Scooby Doo villain. Let’s hope Scoob and the gang aren’t the ones who caught her. Who knows what she would have done to Scrappy.


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