Man Licks “Ding Dong” For 3 Hours & No One Came

According to, a California man was caught on surveillance being a weirdo and licking a doorbell for three hours. The homeowner was out of town at the time and said that his children were home alone sleeping.

I think the most messed up part of this story is that the homeowner thought it was a good idea to say on the news that his children are left home at night even though this creep is still on the loose. If you make the decision to leave sleeping children unattended, you should expect that some dude will show up & lick your doorbell. That’s the world we live in, today. I really do hope they catch this guy soon, only because I want to know what kind of drugs he was on. Hopefully, whatever he took will replace the drugs on our streets that make people violent menaces. At least he wasn’t out driving, running people over, masturbating on the subway or attacking fast food cashiers.  All joking aside, the judge needs to make sure this man is properly punished for this because if all he gets is a slap on the tongue, he will definitely be out running amok putting his tongue on more than just a doorbell.

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