Burger King? Or Burger Tyrant?

According to ABC4News.com, an Oregon man was trapped in a Burger King bathroom for over an hour, and that’s not the worst part. Allegedly, the Burger King offered this unfortunate soul free food for life because of this traumatic experience and then went back on their deal, after only only a few weeks. This is beyond messed up. Who the hell does the Burger King think he is? Kim Jong Value Meal or some shit? They are damn lucky that Curtis Brooner is only suing them for the small amount of $9,026.16 (the cost of his weekly meals and taking into consideration that eating Burger King weekly will probably kill him early.) Curtis Brooner is an American hero. He has the courage and strength to use a nasty ass fast food bathroom, survive in there for over an hour and then stand up to the King himself. Someone needs to call the Hamburglar to organize a coup against the Burger King. He needs to know that we will not stand for this abuse of power! Or at the very least, maybe Ronald McDonald can show he is the better man and offer Curtis some free meals for denouncing the Burger Tyrant.

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