Are Aliens Hiding Syringes In Florida B-Holes?

According to ABCNews4, a Florida inmate was charged with smuggling contraband after several syringes were found in his rectum. The inmate claims that the syringes are not his. I’m not sure why, but for some strange reason, I might believe him. Mr. Scott doesn’t look like the type of man who would deny owning syringes. We need to look at the possibility that there is someone running around Florida hiding syringes in criminals’ butt-holes. If this was any other state, I would just assume they belonged to Mr. Scott. In Florida, anything is possible. I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if the first mission of Trump’s Space Force proved that aliens invaded Florida for the sole purpose of putting needles up this man’s b-hole to start an intergalactic war. We need to believe this man’s story and investigate before we outright call him a liar. These alien sodomizers could be out there victimizing and sodomizing all over Florida. They must be stopped! Or maybe this dude is just a little forgetful and the syringes are actually his.  Either way, the truth is out there.

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